Welcome To Hickory Hills

Like so many things in our world, today’s private country club experience offers an endless number of options. But what makes a club great? What makes it your home away from home? Is it being a place where you are comfortable? Pulling into a club’s parking lot should be like turning into your own driveway!

At Hickory Hills, we’re in the business of offering unhurried relaxation, a rarity in today’s fast paced world. Join us for a challenging round of golf on Central Ohio’s most scenic course, a relaxing dinner with your closest friends or just a cold beverage amongst fellow members. Whatever your mood, Hickory Hills offers the perfect getaway!

Heading out to Hickory’s first tee, you retreat to a place so well masked by the natural beauty of the land, it remains hidden from the chaos of our daily lives. This stunning natural landscape, filled with wildlife, forms the backdrop of your Hickory Hills experience. But this, my friends, is just the beginning!

When I ask our members what brought them to Hickory, I get a number of different responses. Many business professionals say the tranquility and peacefulness of our our course attracted them. Others remark on the casual, family friendly atmosphere, without the old club stuffiness, and some say they came for the value and quality of a golf club that is unmatched in central Ohio.

Whatever your reason for joining, I want new members to know that Hickory Hills is not just about being a place to golf. It’s about being a place you can call home, and a community that feels like family. It’s about moments without hassle, with the people you value, in a place secluded by scenic beauty.

Welcome to your next golf destination.

Welcome to Hickory Hills!

Tim Burkhart

General Manger, HHGC